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Mei, Catalan Sheepdog Bitch - Top Import 2009 and Top Import 2010

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HEIGHT: 18 - 20 1/2 inches
GROUP: Herding
WEIGHT: 35 - 45 pounds
COAT: long and wavy
COLOR: black, black and tan, fawn with black tips, grizzle, or brindle

FCI DESCRIPTION A very sedate dog, active and intelligent, with a noble expression, with a hardy and pleasant character, really devoted to the shepherd and the flocks entrusted to him, wary of strangers, which at times make his seem unsociable. He is very vigilant, very resistant to heat, cold and all atmospherics. A very frugal alimentation is sufficient for him to work in extreme conditions.

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Mei Catalan Sheepdog as a pup

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